Thursday, 12 June 2014


Being proven right is great, but being proven right after 40 years makes my big toe shoot up in my boot. – In a filmed interview from 1968 Jimi tells the interviewer how he deals with groupies knocking on his hotel door all the time. At the end of the interview it was believed Jimi said: “Well, I probaly stand there, and then I go biting into an apple maybe.” This did never make any sense to me. Not now, not when I heard it for the first time around 1970. Jimi was full of humor and naughtyness, and with this in mind I had always thought he said: “Well, I probaly stand there, and then I’d be back INTO A NAP maybe.” A funny metaphor for going to bed with a girl. I thought it was hilarious, and so did Jimi, because we can see him break out in a sly smile right after the comment. – I talked to many people over the past decades, all the high-end researchers, all the Hendrix connaisseurs and historians, raised the question on fora, even here in Facebook, but I have never found anyone who agreed with me. In fact, I was told that the ‘apple’ story was what Jimi said. Even the recent ‘Hear My Train’ blu-ray by Experience Hendrix has this in their subtitles [see image below]. But then again, the same EH subtitler has ‘Penny Baker’ for D.A. Pennebaker, so what can we expect. – Lo and behold: this week Jimi’s Shokan house cook Claire Shaw posted this on Facebook in a comment on the new Andre 3000 biopic movie: “I was around him [Jimi]. There was a parade of women including Colette, Devon, Joanna. He slept with EVERYONE. His line was 'how'd you like to take a little nap with me'.” Well, THANK YOU, Claire! [Oooo, that must hurt: a Dutch old fart who corrects English speaking Hendrix historians 40 years after the fact] :) – Oh, and the lady with the whip is for all those infidels who refused to believe me, and who still see apples in Jimi’s hotel room. LOL all the way to the green grocer!!!

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  1. Regardless of your logic Ben. He is very clearly, definitely, 100%, no doubt about it, saying, 'biting into an apple'.
    From a native English speaker.