Thursday, 29 August 2013


45 years on and one would assume we've seen it all. Jimi played the first night of the Walker Brothers' tour at the Astoria in London on 31 March 1967. It was also the first time he burned his guitar at the end of the set. With many press people in the audience it is still amazing why no photos have surfaced of this show... until now.

Albeit it being a black and white and severely copyrighted photo it's a real pleasure to share this photo with the world. Although many backstage photos have been published of this night, we can see Jimi for the first time during one of the two sets he played that night.

For the completists among us: please note Jimi is using two microphones. It might look like the show was recorded, but in those days it was common for theaters to use two microphones for performing acts. So my guess is that it was not for recording purposes.

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