Monday, 19 August 2013


This photo was published in Noel Redding's book Are You Experienced?. The caption reads: "Backstage on the 1967 tour with The Monees. (The gorilla is not a Monkee...)"

I doubt if this photo was taken during the July 1967 Monkees tour. I have no photos of Jimi wearing this striped coat during that period. First time we have visual proof of him wearing it [and matching pants] is on 27 April 1967 at an Aldershot concert, although Jimi already had the pants on 20 April in Lincoln. The last time we see him wearing the coat is on 22 May 1967 in Helsinki, Finland.

My best bet is that this photo was taken between 15 and 22 May, either in Germany or Scandinavia.

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