Friday, 17 August 2012

Jimi and the mysterious blonde lady - Part 2

In the mean time I can now confirm 100% that these photos are from 5 July 1967, as I predicted. My hunch didn't betray me! ;-)
First off I noticed that Jimi not only wore the same jewellery and shirt at the session as can be seen at the Central Park show, but also the same trousers! So Jimi was already dressed for the show, he only lacks the coat at the hotel session.
Secondly I found that both the hair of Mitch and Noel look shorter, than let's say a month later. Especially Mitch's bangs are very short.
You know, sometimes things stare into your face, but you just don't see them. Last night I thought maybe I should check an old Univibes issue for the day-to-day diary. And there it was, issue 18, May 1995, page 17:

5 Wednesday – New York City – Interviews and photo call in a hotel (19:00). 

This was just a few hours before the Central Park show!!! This was posted on CTT by J. Lucas; it supports the story even more:

"I was interested in collecting a few of Mad mag. downloads after reading that Hendrix was pissed that he forgot to grab his copy of Mad from a hotel room when they got 'rushed off' to do a gig or something...I've been looking for this reference for a when I originally saw this photo of Jimi with the Mad mag. I kinda figure it may have been true...."

And as for the Mad magazine which caused for a lot of confusion, I found this on Wikipedia:

"Debuting in August 1952 (cover date October–November), Mad began as a comic book published by EC..."

Another mystery solved!

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